Badass Grief

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Badass Grief describes how the memory of someone you love can motivate you to reclaim life and become a better version of yourself.

My Legacy Action

Your husband’s legacy can be the light you shine on the world in his honor. Would you like to find ways to carry your husband’s memory forward through intentional acts of kindness, generosity, bravery and love? Download my free outline entitled “My Legacy Action” by clicking on the blue button below.

My Legacy Action Video

In my grief journey I stumbled on something that helped me bear my grief and ultimately led me to find a new purpose. It’s called a legacy action. This idea grew out of a frustration I had…when I looked for ways to remember Mark, all I found were things to buy. I decided that I wanted to remember him by choosing to become more like him. The idea is to take a quality or characteristic of your person and find a way to live it out yourself, thereby carrying it forward.

Above I offer a free outline you can use to consider doing a legacy action in your loved one’s memory. If you want more guidance, however, I have also made a video that explains the general concept and the steps involved in thinking about and coming up with your own legacy action. To purchase the video, click on the blue button below.

Jennifer E Hassel

Anniversary Checklist

Would you like to receive ideas on activities to do on the anniversary of your loved one’s death? Download my free Anniversary Checklist.