I awoke this morning to a soft percussion dousing my roof. How fitting for 2020 to end and 2021 to begin with a cleansing rain. (Image by E. H. Shepard, illustrator of Winnie the Pooh).

This is a day of reflection. I look back, recalling some of my favorite yeses and one life changing no during the past 12 months.
No to continuing my job at the Blood Donor Center. I decided to retire this past May.
Yes to
* joining a writer’s group called Hope*Writers
*investing in a new bike
*inviting adult children to quarantine with me from March till July
*celebrating marriage to Kelly with a small family ceremony on the beach in Cape May Point
* moving ahead with a renovation project I’d dreamed about for years
*getting a kitten

What were your favorite yeses and nos for 2020? Please share!